Kholinor is not part of the confederation of provinces that make up Shumer, although they remain on good terms with the others and trade extensively. Unlike the other provinces Kholinor is a extremely well ordered society and patrolled effectively by guards. It is ruled if its ruled at all by a benign theocracy. The main town is Volhinor (pop 62) which seems to exist to provide for the two temple complexes. The wealth of Kholinor is provided by the Mining settlement of Summna (pop 64) which produces the finest quicksilver and moonstone. Over the years the settlement of Akkad (pop 29) has built up just outside the borders to cater for the passing trade. Although technically not part of Kholinor it is patrolled by the border guards. Kholinor contains within its borders two temples; The Temple of Enlil - the Sky God and The Temple of Ninlil - the Ocean Goddess. There is also the deserted temple of Enkir to which access is now barred.

Separate to the towns and settlements above there is also:

Lumber Camp (pop 7)

The Etana Farming Estate (pop 11)

Kholinor Border Guard (pop 9)